Being pioneers of pumpless reverse osmosis water purification system, the KomiBright range built with-universal RO & UF technology assure you better health in every drop.


Since KomiBright’s establishment in 2009, we have been dedicated to addressing the pain points of consumers when using RO water purifier.

Although RO technology is the best and produces the cleanest water quality, it is difficult to install and requires a pump, which is prone to failure over time. Moreover, traditional RO machines require the replacement of multiple filters, and consumers have difficulty remembering the replacement time, making it also difficult to replace each filter on their own.

To solve these problems, we established KomiBright. Our technology always adheres to the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) concept, letting consumers truly KISS KomiBright’s products after use. We have gained the trust of users in nearly 30 countries worldwide and are also the technological leader in the non-electric RO machine industry.

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Products have undergone four generations of update, only to pursue the most perfect.

Exihibition - KomiBright


KomiBright gained many high-quality customers through the exhibitions, big or small.

Videos- KomiBright


Welcome to watch the installation videos and animations of products.

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