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Combo Filter

Brand KomiBright
Type Combo Cartridge Filter
Model F-210 / F-910
Used All systems use F-210, except for C100R(F-910)
Capacity 18,000 Liters or 12 Months


PP Sediment filter
Carbon Block (Sintered Type)
Certificate SGS (PP)
NSF (of Jacobi carbon raw material)


      • Product Description
Introducing our Compound Filter Cartridge, the ultimate solution for clean and healthy water. Our Combo Filter contains multiple layers of filtration materials, including activated carbon block, PP sediment filter, and more, for effective removal of impurities and contaminants from your water, and compared with granular carbon filter, its adsorption effect, filtration area and service life are enhanced.
Our filter cartridge is ideal for use in ro system water purifier. The innovative design ensures that your water is purified and safe for drinking, cooking, and other uses. 
The activated carbon layer effectively removes chlorine, odors, and other impurities, while the sediment filter layer traps particles such as sand and rust. The multiple layers of filtration materials work together to ensure that your water is free from harmful contaminants, giving you peace of mind and a healthier life. 


The Differences Between Sintered and Compressed Activated Carbon Filter

Why does sintered activated carbon filter account?

(1) The production process is different. The sintered activated carbon filter is forming after organic bonding and high-temperature burning, carbonizing the organic bonding agent and forming micropores,  so that the main body of filter cartridge is 100% carbon material; the compressed activated carbon filter is plastic mixed kneading and forming, some carbon particles are wrapped by plastic, and the real useful adsorbed carbon particles are 40%.

(2) The sintered activated carbon filter has fine carbon particles, pore technology, aperture zigzag, stronger ability to absorb pollutants, and the effective rate of filtering residual chlorine and other organic matters in water can reach more than 99.9%; the compressed activated carbon filter has large particles due to skill factors, and the aperture is formed by the gap of particles, and the micropores of activated carbon are blocked in the machining process, the filtering power is low, the adsorption is not complete, and the water passing speed under the same pressure is faster than The sintered activated carbon filter, and the ability of receiving pollution is weak.

(3) The sintered activated carbon filter has good decolorization effect, and coke can completely remove the color at the filtration rate of 1 L/min, which has a persuasion effect on the terminal demonstration of commodities; the compressed activated carbon filter can hardly remove the color of coke.

(4) The sintered activated carbon filter has high filtration precision, more abundant and guaranteed water taste. It can control the filtration precision within the scale of 0.1um-30um, which can meet the different needs of customers, and can replace the ceramic filter cartridge somewhat; the compressed activated carbon filter does not have this feature.

(5) The sintered activated carbon filter is more environmentally friendly, 100% carbon materials are easy to be recycled and reused, and will not pollute the environment after being discarded;Regeneration of degraded organic materials of the compressed activated carbon filter is difficult with high price which will pollute the environment after being discarded. Advantages of sintered activated carbon filter Sintered activated carbon block filter cartridges are made of good quality coconut shell, using the world’s advanced automated carbon rods molding technology, so that very small particles of micro crystalline point is connected by way of activated charcoal powder piled recombinant. The porous structure of activated carbon is completely exposed to the substance to be adsorbed,has a strong adsorption and the amount of good rigid structure. Unique cage winding gap structure avoids the phenomenon of black water, high intercept for particles and colloidal, guaranteed not to be contaminated and activated carbon adsorption capacity to maximize.



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