Home Ultrafiltration System UF Water Purifier KB-C20U/KB-C20U-DT

  • Hollow fiber membrane.
  • Super compound filter.
  • Filter replacement dater. 
  • All in one design, easy to install.
  • Direct flow machine, no drainage.

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ultra filtration water filter system

  • Specification
Product Type Ultra Filtration Water Filter System
Product Use Household (Counter Top & Under Sink)
Inlet Water Source Municipal Tap Water
Inlet Water Pressure < 125PSI (within 8.5Bar)
Inlet Water Temperature 5℃~35℃
Filtration 0.01 μm
UF Membrane & Combo Filter Replace every 12 Months
Product Size 14*18*38CM


  • Standard Accessory
ultrafiltration membrane C20U滤芯 Wrench 14 jpg
UF Membrane Combo Filter  Wrench Faucet


  • Filtration Structure

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3 21. Effectively remove dust, oxidant, rust, sand, sludge and other particle suspension solids.
2. Effectively remove residual chlorine, odor and volatile organic compound in water.

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  • About KomiBright’s Ultrafiltration Water Purifier Products

C20U Ultrafiltration System is designed and manufactured by KomiBright,  unique water treatment patent technology.

This self-contained ultra filtration system will distribute refreshing, crystal clear water to tap in the home. In addition to great water, the uf water system can yield additional cost savings to the homeowner by eliminating the need for bottled water and the costs of maintaining kitchen-based water treatment systems.

Finally, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind with certified performance for removal of bacteria, parasites and viruses, which provides a great solution for those who desire to enjoy clean and healthy drinking water.


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