Ultrafiltration System UF Membrane (Hollow Fiber Membrane) for KB-C20U

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ultrafiltration membrane

Brand KomiBright
Type Ultra Filtration Membrane
Model LXL-A0003
Capacity 2L/Min.
UF membrane Hollow Fiber x 0.01 μm
Certificate SGS


  • Product Description
Ultrafiltration membrane is a highly efficient separation membrane widely used in liquid filtration. UF membranes have a high degree of permeability, allowing water to pass through while blocking contaminants, and the 0.01 micron ultrafiltration membrane filter utilizes ultrafiltration technology can filter out tiny particles. These pores are several times smaller than the size of a human hair and are capable of removing particles and microorganisms that ordinary filters cannot.  Water is forced through the ultrafiltration membrane under pressure, and the pores trap particles and pathogens, providing a higher degree of purification. Typically, this membrane is structured as a hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane filter, composed of numerous small fibers, resulting in a highly efficient uf membrane. This type of membrane is commonly used in water purification processes, and is essential to ensuring clean and safe water is available for consumption.


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