Post Carbon Filter (Nano Silver Composite Filter) ST33/KB33

  • ST33 Post Filter
  • KB33 Post Filter
  • Antibacterial
  • Enriched Hydrogen
  • Regulation
  • Moisturized Taste

Why Us?

  • High Quality
  • Quick Response
  • Reasonable Price
Activated carbon filter with high quality sintering carbon has strong adsorption ability, can remove residual chlorine, pigment, odor, color and so on, making the taste of pure water better.
Nano Silver filter can eliminate chloride, odors, pesticide residue toxic,Chemical elements, heavy metals…etc. Furthermore, it releases strong energy to destroy bacteria enzyme protein,then let the bacteria die.


Product Name Post Carbon Filter (ST33 / KB33)
Brand KomiBright
ST33 Material Carbon Block (Sintered Type)
KB33 Material Nano Silver Granular Carbon + Maifan Stone + CTO Carbon Block
Capacity 12 Months
Carbon 1100 iodine value
Application Home use pure water purification system after RO membrane
Function Remove odor and turbidity of water and improve water taste
ST33 post filter
KB33 Post Filter Nanosilver granular carbon Maifan Stones Nanosilver carbon block En

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